Growing up in a pastor’s home, Ben has seen how ministry plays out in life since his birth. Ben was constantly encouraged and challenged in his faith by his parents and other influential people in his life. It wasn’t until college, though, that he would surrender the call to full-time, vocational ministry. Since then, Ben has found pure joy in serving Jesus Christ through the local church.

While on a mission trip in 2008, Ben met the woman that would change his life forever, Kaylee Ray. Not too long after this trip, Kaylee and Ben were married in July 2013. Since then, they have served in three churches in two states. In addition to being married in 2013, two years later they welcomed their first child, Beckett Glynn Campbell, into the world.

Ben graduated from Welch College with a Bachelor of Science in Theological Studies in December 2017, and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry. He serves as the Pastor at Arbor Grove Free Will Baptist Church in Hoxie, AR and has been there since September 2018.

When Ben is not in the office, his hobbies include hunting, fishing, writing, and spending time with Kaylee and Beckett.

*Ben also is a member of the B&H LifeWay Blogger Team that reviews new books and Bibles published by LifeWay and B&H Publishing.

If you would like to contact Ben, you can email him here.

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