Life Changes for the Campbell Family

Change is always a difficult subject to address. We often times read about our churches needing change but taking the slow and steady route to get where you need to be. There are always changes whenever you find out you are having another baby (we ARE NOT) or whenever you have unexpected situations arise.  However, thereContinue reading “Life Changes for the Campbell Family”

Is Becoming A Member of A Church Really THAT Important?

  The Church is the means by which God allows His people to be agents in living out His purpose in the world. God is on mission to reconcile His creation back to Himself (Luke 19:10). The character of God is lived out through His mission. Timothy Tennent writes, “To put it plainly, a mission is farContinue reading “Is Becoming A Member of A Church Really THAT Important?”

What Is Discipleship​ Really About?

Similar to words such as weight management or ignorant, the word discipleship seems to have many different meanings among evangelicals. Weight management can refer to a diet plan or a plan to gain muscle mass and ignorant can refer to someone who is unaware of something or it can be a demeaning adjective toward someone. I’veContinue reading “What Is Discipleship​ Really About?”

25 Things I Would’ve Told Myself Five Years Ago – Part 2

When I originally started writing this post, I only had ten statements that I would’ve told myself. But as I wrote, the list exceeded much more than ten. It soon became fifteen, then twenty, and I’m stopping at twenty-five. Here is the last fifteen of that list: Not everyone does things like you. It isContinue reading “25 Things I Would’ve Told Myself Five Years Ago – Part 2”

25 Things I Would’ve Told Myself Five Years Ago – Part 1

January 1, 2018, began my sixth year of ministry. While I am in no way conveying that I am a veteran minister, have it all together, or know everything there is to know about ministry, I have been dealt my fair share of experiences during these last five years. It was during that time thatContinue reading “25 Things I Would’ve Told Myself Five Years Ago – Part 1”

Discipleship According to Jesus

Jesus was intentional about investing his life into a small group of twelve individuals. Even among larger crowds, the twelve disciples accompanied him throughout his ministry. Some may not realize that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi. He grew up in the schools of Jewish traditions where he would study under other Rabbis to eventually becomeContinue reading “Discipleship According to Jesus”

Children’s Ministry and the Church

I know everyone has their specific talents and abilities and skills that are given by God to be used for His glory. Over the years, I’ve developed my musical abilities, my people skills, and my speaking. My musical abilities have afforded me the opportunity to do a little bit of professional singing while in college.Continue reading “Children’s Ministry and the Church”