The Study Habits of the Pastor

The way a pastor studies indicates the health of his spiritual life. Therefore, it is vital for the pastor to pay close attention to these three areas of study: his personal study, his sermonic study, and his intellectual study. The Personal Study of the Pastor Pastors are constantly interacting with the Bible through sermon preparation,Continue reading “The Study Habits of the Pastor”

What are the Spiritual Disciplines?

The spiritual disciplines, as defined by Donald Whitney, are “practices found in Scripture that promote spiritual growth among believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”[1] The spiritual disciplines are found in Scripture. And an important facet to note about them is that they are practices. There may be some who believe the spiritual disciplines areContinue reading “What are the Spiritual Disciplines?”

An Introduction to The Regulative Principle

The regulative principle is often times mentioned exclusively within the context of congregational singing. Most would convey that congregational singing may be the best way to apply the regulative principle. But is it?  Most theologians, the ones I’ve read mainly, only relate the regulative principle to congregational singing and how we are to methodize itContinue reading “An Introduction to The Regulative Principle”

An Open Apology to the Late R.C. Sproul

As a Reformed Arminian, sometimes the doctrines we believe can be misunderstood, miscommunicated, and misrepresented by those who differ. I have often made some stabbing comments toward Calvinist brothers who have made jabs at Arminians saying things like: “Arminianism is pagan theology.” “You cannot believe the Bible and be Arminian.” Recently, I was browsing through YouTube,Continue reading “An Open Apology to the Late R.C. Sproul”

Should We Teach Youth Theology?

I’ve often heard people say when speaking of youth ministry, that we need to dumb down our teaching to the level of competency of our youth. And really the only area in which this applies is teaching our students. I want to be clear. I’m not writing this with an attitude of arrogance or aContinue reading “Should We Teach Youth Theology?”