What are the Spiritual Disciplines?

The spiritual disciplines, as defined by Donald Whitney, are “practices found in Scripture that promote spiritual growth among believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”[1] The spiritual disciplines are found in Scripture. And an important facet to note about them is that they are practices. There may be some who believe the spiritual disciplines areContinue reading “What are the Spiritual Disciplines?”

What is the Great Commission?

The religious research institution, The Barna Group, asked 1004 churchgoers if they have simply heard of The Great Commission and the results were absolutely terrifying. Barna found out there were more people in this group of churchgoers who had never even heard the Great Commission than those who could correctly identify it and its meaning.Continue reading “What is the Great Commission?”

What Is Discipleship​ Really About?

Similar to words such as weight management or ignorant, the word discipleship seems to have many different meanings among evangelicals. Weight management can refer to a diet plan or a plan to gain muscle mass and ignorant can refer to someone who is unaware of something or it can be a demeaning adjective toward someone. I’veContinue reading “What Is Discipleship​ Really About?”

Discipleship According to Jesus

Jesus was intentional about investing his life into a small group of twelve individuals. Even among larger crowds, the twelve disciples accompanied him throughout his ministry. Some may not realize that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi. He grew up in the schools of Jewish traditions where he would study under other Rabbis to eventually becomeContinue reading “Discipleship According to Jesus”

An Inseparable Relationship

Lately, I’ve realized the importance of discipleship in ministry. For the past two years or so, I’ve birthed an intense passion for discipleship. For the first few years of my ministry, I thought because I was not “entertainment-driven,” it meant that I was discipling efficiently and effectively. But that was not the case. That you aren’t “entertainment-driven”Continue reading “An Inseparable Relationship”