What are the Spiritual Disciplines?

The spiritual disciplines, as defined by Donald Whitney, are “practices found in Scripture that promote spiritual growth among believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ.”[1] The spiritual disciplines are found in Scripture. And an important facet to note about them is that they are practices. There may be some who believe the spiritual disciplines areContinue reading “What are the Spiritual Disciplines?”

25 Things I Would’ve Told Myself Five Years Ago – Part 2

When I originally started writing this post, I only had ten statements that I would’ve told myself. But as I wrote, the list exceeded much more than ten. It soon became fifteen, then twenty, and I’m stopping at twenty-five. Here is the last fifteen of that list: Not everyone does things like you. It isContinue reading “25 Things I Would’ve Told Myself Five Years Ago – Part 2”

Children’s Ministry and the Church

I know everyone has their specific talents and abilities and skills that are given by God to be used for His glory. Over the years, I’ve developed my musical abilities, my people skills, and my speaking. My musical abilities have afforded me the opportunity to do a little bit of professional singing while in college.Continue reading “Children’s Ministry and the Church”