A (Pandemic) Philosophy of Ministry

The world-wide phenomenon that is the COVID-19 pandemic has really made ministry in the local church rather difficult. Ministry really has always been demanding, but adding a world-wide virus that is more contagious than the common flu presents its own set of difficulties moving forward. Before COVID-19 settled into the United States, ministry was whatContinue reading “A (Pandemic) Philosophy of Ministry”

Book Review: “God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel”

The gospel of Jesus Christ is always a call to come and die. Never has the gospel been any other call to those whom God elects. However, over the course of several decades, the American scene of Christianity fostered the rise of what is now known as the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel. This gospel,Continue reading “Book Review: “God, Greed, and the (Prosperity) Gospel””

Why Conditional Election?

Ultimately, the main point of disagreement between Calvinists and Arminians comes down to two main theological elements: predestination and election. In fact, Arminius himself declared these were the two points of disagreement between his theology and Calvin’s theology.[1] Arminius made some major claims against the predestinarian nature of Calvin’s theology and specifically, determinism: “Great isContinue reading “Why Conditional Election?”