On 3 Years of Marriage

Today marks 3 years I’ve been with my wife, Kaylee. It seems like its been 3 days, in all sincerity. Time really does fly whenever you are having fun.

Here are 3 things I’ve learned about marriage and my wife within the past 3 years:

1) My wife is superwoman.

Plain and simple. It’s amazing everything she does to keep our house a “home” and do it well. Not only that, there are many times Beckett wants mommy instead of daddy and there have only been a few times I have seen her complain about it (for those of you who have kids, sometimes your patience is out), to which dad has stepped in. She is the one that puts Beckett to sleep at night, she is the one that will feed him – for the most part, but most importantly she is the one that will show Beckett a mother’s love and it shows by the way he views his mommy.

I thought I loved Kaylee when I first married her. But through the past three years, I have grown to adore her and view her even more highly than I had before.

2) She may be superwoman, but she’s not perfect.

I won’t spend too much time on this topic, simply because when mommy isn’t happy…. However, it is SO crucial for those who are soon to be married or newlywed to understand that you will never have a perfect spouse. Your spouse will always makes mistakes, they will sometimes disappoint you, they will sometimes fall through on promises, they will even hurt your feelings every once in a while, but when you recite your vows you are committing to “better or worse.”

This may sound strange, but sometimes it helps me love my wife more when I see her mess up. I really don’t have any special reasoning for this but it shows me she has feelings and struggles like I do.

3) She is my hero.

Kaylee has grown to be my hero. It seems cheesy and probably superficial for me to say this, but this is the honest truth. She is going to Nurse Practitioner school right now and is also working 35-40 hours per week, plus keeping house, raising a son, and more. Not to mention dealing with a husband!

Kaylee, I want you to know that I adore you and you are the most cherished gift in my life. You are the best mommy and wife to Beckett and me. There is not another person in this world that I would rather do life with than you. I love you more and more everyday and cannot wait to see where the next 3 or 30 years takes us in life. You are my superwoman.